30 ways to master online qualitative research

30 tips for more profitable and inspiring online qualitative research

How mutuality can pacify facebook’s brand-bullies

Brand-bullying is alive and kicking in the world of facebook advertising.   If you’ve ever read any of the comments that people leave on brands’ ‘suggested posts’ then you’ll know that they tend to be at best subversive and mostly abusive.  There are even websites like this one, dedicated to the sport of  bashing patronising social... Read more »

The evolutionary psychology behind mutualistic brands

I’ve recently gone deeper into what makes mutuality such a powerful force in human nature….and I’ve discovered that evolutionary psychology goes a long way to explaining its significance.  It also provides some inspiration on how to build more mutualistic brands. Mutuality has been defined as ‘a state of reciprocity and sharing’.  This blog is dedicated to... Read more »

How mutuality helps maximise brands’ profit and social good

This blog was originally inspired by my response to the 2012 Admap competition on the future of Brand and Communications planning (my article can be found here).  This year’s prize is about whether brands can maximise profits and be a force for social good. In my view, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and the ethos... Read more »

The power of ‘mutualistic’ thinking to help brands, business and society…

This blog was inspired by my submission for the Admap competition ‘Planning 3.0: The Planning Landscape in 2020′. My response (called ‘Feeling Mutual’) is about how the concept of mutuality (‘a state of reciprocity and sharing’) can help solve many of today’s business, brand, comms and social challenges. Fortunately my essay received the silver award. <Link... Read more »

The future of brand and communications planning

In nature, mutualistic relationships are based on mutually beneficial exchanges between interdependent species:  Like the Clown Fish and Sea Anemone, who live side-by-side and protect each other from their predators.  It’s a ‘win-win’ form of symbiosis that’s been defined as ‘a state of reciprocity or sharing’.  Mutualistic relationships like this are balanced, equitable and sustainable.... Read more »

Why sponsorship needs to be more mutualistic to be truly effective…

Sometimes sponsorship can come across as cynical attempts by brands to bask in the reflected glory of cultural events.  Although it may raise their profile and improve perceptions, this may not be enough to really deepen brand relationships. Viewing sponsorship through a mutualistic lens can help overcome this, while also engaging people and enriching society.... Read more »

How online qualitative research can benefit from the community ‘Engagement Model’

Many researchers see online communities (aka MROCS – Market Research Online Communities) as being a direct threat to the traditional model… In the spirit of mutuality, rather than seeing them as mutually exclusive rivals, I’d rather look at what one can learn from the other… The traditional model of qualitative research is simply transferred online, in... Read more »

How to fish for insight in the sea of social media

Too much social media research is limited to automated aggregation and quantification of sentiment.  Its progress is restrained by the misconception that algorithms can replace human analysis.  The real value is hidden in the depths of social context and a more qualitative approach is necessary to find it.  It supplements rather than replaces traditional research.... Read more »

Researchers should not ignore social media

I believe that researchers should be listening to what people say in (certain parts of) Social Media. Despite the fact parts of the industry want to ban it. Why listen? 1) It’s on people’s agenda. Companies should listen to what people want to say (not just what they want to hear). 2) It’s essential for... Read more »